The Media Industry

“Brands are seeking a premium product while site owners are looking at ways to cut costs, increase flexibility and improve environmental credentials.” (Barney Cox, Print Week, 19th Feb 2010)

The Media Industry has evolved over the last 20 years from paper panels spread throughout the UK, that were difficult to purchase effectively; to a tightly run industry with limitless creative opportunities, due to the printing and finishing technologies now available.

UrbanStorm has been at the forefront of developing panel locations creatively to achieve higher yields for the billboard owners/contractors, bringing to the UK first: large format printing on PVC, national backlight boxes, unusually-shaped panels, 6m x 6m golden squares, scrolling technology for ultra-large format and rapid poster-changing systems to name but a few.

To confront the economic downturn head-on, UrbanStorm developed 4 new products and printing on PE in a bid to replace paper posting once and for all. This was the last part of Outdoor that had not changed from the days of hand-painted metal panels. (See StormFlex™and EcoFlex™)

As Budgets are now returning we see clearly the opportunity to once again offer clients an increased yield per location and banish paper posting from the 21st Century, once and for all, to the history books!