Truck Advertising Systems

Our unique patented system is lightweight and easy to change. It is SUPER DRUM tight and can be applied to existing truck sides, without damaging trucks. This creates a marketing opportunity for brands without disruption of distribution to the fleet.
The Urban Storm truck system is the only one of its kind where both sides of the truck can be changed in less time than it takes to load the vehicle. This means there is no conflict between advertising requirements and delivery times.
The Truck Advertising System is COST EFFECTIVE and gives you MAXIMUM ADVERTISING EXPOSURE.

Use your fleet to maximise your brand image and gain national coverage with your fleet communicating the message.

  • Adds value to brand advertising campaigns
  • Raise brand profile & awareness
  • Utilise system for new promotions & product launches
  • Deliver message direct to target audience
  • One stop shop for your advertising and media needs

The Techy Stuff

The system works using a lightweight, rigid aluminium frame, which applies tension to the display using a privotal point, similar to a fulcrum lever. The posters are retained in the frame using a specially adapted UrbanStorm Keder Strip, which is heat welded or stitched to the perimeter and is then slotted into the perimeter channel of the frame.