StormFlex Billboard Poster System

Our innovative dry posting system for billboards creates a high definition product that can be changed quickly and efficiently by just one installer. We are using the latest environmentally friendly fabric – EcoFlex™, which is fully recyclable and gives great performance. Patent pending.

StormFlex™ delivers a higher yield per panel for the billboard contractor, simultaneously reducing outgoing costs, with health and safety in mind.

All of our waste is fully recycled.

The system has the following benefits

  • Installation of posters from ground level with posting pole, removing the need for ladders.
  • Only 1 installer required to fit posters.
  • Poster installation much quicker than wet-posting systems (half the time).
  • Tensioned poster is drum-tight – completely flat display.
  • EcoFlex™ posters are fully recyclable.
  • No need for specialist finishing of posters – reduced cost.
  • Much higher quality display – increased revenue from panel.
  • The only system fully engineered to meet European wind loading requirements (British wind code BS 6399-2:1997)

Other uses

Brands direct – owning & managing their own media networks on their own prominent locations, to publicise new promotions / product launches.