Standard Storm Systems

Our unique patented system can be applied to all formats and sizes. Both indoor and outdoor, we have created a range of products that are currently being used in:

  • Airport Advertising
  • Theatre Entrances
  • Billboard Ads
  • Hoardings
  • Lightboxes & Scrollers
  • Large Format Banners
  • Railway Stations

Our Storm Systems are super-quick to install, which lends themselves to situations where there is only a short window of opportunity for poster changes. The perfectly tensioned Urban Storm Systems require no maintenance as there are no fragile components.

The systems meet all the necessary European wind-loading requirements, and are the safest option when it comes to large-format advertising hardware.

Working alongside some of the industry’s leading agencies – such as JCDecaux, CBS and many others – we are at the forefront of developing new forms of outdoor media campaigns.