The Company

Who are we?

UrbanStorm was founded in 2001 for two major purposes: to provide the Out of Home sector with improved display apparatus with ecological benefits, and to manage production of printed posters for the displays.

The company is at the forefront of an evolving industry and is pioneering the use of eco-friendly products in its manufacturing processes and display systems.

With the latest large-format eco-printers, Urban Storm maintains plenty of capacity while minimising the negative impact on the environment. No harmful CFC gases are given off during any of our production processes.

UrbanStorm can provide the solution for all your outdoor-advertising production and display requirements.

What do we do?

We maximise the potential of your brand exposure in the Out of Home Advertising sector.

Our friendly and highly skilled team are dedicated to providing you with everything you need to produce and display top quality advertising material.

We maintain open channels of communication all the way through the production process to ensure that everyone involved has the opportunity to offer opinions and advice throughout.